Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year - New Bike

Sometimes it's tough to stay excited about a business that makes no money and takes so much time and effort....Usually when I get to the point where I wonder what the hell I was thinking starting a bike courier company in a resort town of 70,000 people, something happens to re-fuel my passion...

The new year marks a new beginning for Cascade Couriers...Starting this week, we will be handling the P.O. Box mail delivery for Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort...Also starting this week, we have a new cargo bike...I've been drooling over pictures of the long haul from Human Powered Machines ever since I saw Colin from Strictly Organic using one to deliver coffee to downtown businesses...Well, about a month ago I ran into Colin delivering with a B.O.B. trailer and asked what happened to the long-haul. Turns out they were just borrowing it from Jim Field's who happens to own Field's Farm where I take all of my food waste. I asked Jim if he'd be interested in selling and now we have ourselves a cargo bike. Here it is

We'll be using this bike for our P.O. Box deliveries and for our more urgent deliveries...It's fun to ride and looks a bit more professional than the trailers.

So there it is...A new bike, a new customer, a new year....I'm pretty excited about 2009

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