Monday, February 23, 2009

What is this.....Eugene?

Today was a beautiful day...If you're into gray skies and rain. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. By most standards, this was a very modest rainfall...As a matter of fact, I actually enjoyed it. I grew up on the Oregon coast so days like today remind me of the good ol' days. What was funny(in an annoying sort of way) was that even with the little rain we did get, a lot of streets were beginning to flood. This goes back to my frustration with the whole urban growth boundary expansion that the City of Bend is pushing...I guess I'll never get their logic...You don't spend all of your money to build an addition on your house if your roof is leaking...You fix the freakin' roof...Oh well...I guess they have convinced themselves that Bend gets 365 days of sun/year and anything else is just a fluke...I'll take the means spring is coming

On another note, tomorrow is Webcyclery movie night at McMenamins. This month's movie is "PRO". Admission is $5 and the proceeds go to support Central Oregon Trail Alliance

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Media Spots and the Ultimate Warrior

Wow, looks like somebody has been slacking on his blogging duties...

It's been a busy few weeks...On Feb. 2nd, Ethan Lindsay rode with me for my downtown compost route. He is the Central Oregon correspondent for OPB....It was cool to have someone tag along and record what we do. The radio spot aired the following week and can be heard here.

Business is going well...I'm riding a lot more than this time last year which is great and the cargo bike has proven to be a great addition to the fleet.

Last night was the infamous Ice Criterium up at Swampy Lakes Snow Park...This year Cog Wild hosted the event. About 20 competitors raced around the parking lot to see how many laps they could do in 15 min. The organizers brought up a snow blower to ensure the corners were properly "iced"(there were definitely a few crashes).....They also set up a jump over a pit of fire to please the spectators. I decided to bring back the Ultimate Warrior for the race as there was a prize for best costume....I didn't win, but I did get cold!! I also got interviewed by the local news KOHD. I'd say it was a successful event.