Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally.....a blog post


It's been awhile...

For starters, a community bike workspace is coming together behind the Bend Community Thrift Store on Franklin Ave. John Aho is working with Heart of Oregon Corps. to get this much needed program off the ground. So far they've assembled a list of over 100 volunteers, turned in a grant for operational money written by former Bend mayor Bruce Abernathy, repaired 10 bicycles with residents at the Bethlehem Inn(Bend's emergency shelter), repaired 35 bicycles for Commute Options and have received significant coverage from the press...Next Tuesday, May 5th, there will be a town hall style info and planning meeting at Bend's Community Center. I encourage anyone interested in being a part of this program to attend...

A few weeks ago, Our friend Laura turned 30....What better way to celebrate than to dress up in pink and have a good old fashion cruiser pub crawl..It was a blast and personally, I can't wait for the next one..

On Wednesday, May 20th, Bend's 3rd Ride Of Silence will take place..This is a worldwide ride to honor those injured or killed in cycling accidents with motor vehicles. Last year in Bend, 2 people lost their lives while commuting by bike...To give some perspective, Portland, which is about 7 times the size of Bend, had 0...That makes the ride this year very important for us...Find out more here and check back for specific details about Bend's ride.

Earth Day Fair was a huge success..The weather was much nicer than last year and our curbside composting program gained about 20 new customers. It was very encouraging to see so many people concerned about recycling their food waste...

Pheewwww...I think that covers most of it..

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